Saturday, October 5, 2013

Move Out and Move On

I spoke with a client recently who felt a desperate need for change. She had been living in a small house with her partner of four years, but it just wasn't working. Not only was the relationship on the outs, but the house itself was falling apart! Paint was peeling off the walls, the plumbing barely worked, and she spent hours every day fixing things and trying to maintain a semblance of order in their lives. Her partner had seemingly become indifferent, and no matter what she suggested-counseling, taking a trip together, remodeling the house-the gulf between them seemed to widen. What started as a bubbly romance had become little more than a stoic living arrangement. "How did this happen?" She asked. "And how can I find the courage to move on?"
As I tuned into this client's psychic wavelength, answers quickly began to form. I began to see two main reasons why she could not bring herself to 'take the plunge' and enter a new phase of life.
The first reason had to do with a past relationship. I saw a man in her past who had been reluctant to commit. He finally consented to rent a house and move in together, and they lived happily for some time. But then, for no apparent reason, the man left without saying goodbye. The impact this had on my client was significant. Having registered a strong feeling of abandonment and inadequacy, her subconscious mind was working overtime to avoid the same thing happening again. Despite her current relationship not being healthy, she was determined to hold on and make it work. What's more, she was still living in the same house! My client was trying to re-live and rectify a past heartache-at the scene of the crime-rather than doing what her heart really wanted to do, which was let go and move on.
The second reason she was afraid to leave was financial security. The rent on the house was remarkably low, and she had always considered this to be a great bargain. Since money continued to be tight, she didn't want to relinquish her hold on the house and step into uncertain financial territory; even if the rest of her life suffered in the process.
I could see psychically how these two reasons fed each other: The stagnant relationship weakening the integrity of the house, which in turn made the relationship weaker. It was one of those sessions where the connection between reader and client is particularly strong, and I knew right away that the reading would be very clear. As I told my client all that I was seeing, she broke down into tears. She had in fact lived in that very same house with another man, who left one day without saying goodbye. This experience was making it difficult for her to find the courage to move on.
"But how do I overcome my fears and take the next step?" She asked.
The truth is that she had already taken an important step toward doing just that. Once she began to see the situation on a spiritual level, I could feel her already moving toward a resolution. Our inner psychic states are reflected in the outer world; that crumbling house and flat relationship were a perfect example. She was worried about how things would work out if she left, but facing our insecurity often means doing something that feels less than secure-something that tests our faith in the universe. Only when we follow our hearts, and visualise the dream we have for ourselves, do the best solutions fall into place.
A few months later, I had the pleasure of speaking to the same woman again. She had moved into a small but charming apartment for only a slightly higher rent, had gotten rid of many old possessions she didn't need, and was even dating again! Work was going well, and a modest business venture was taking shape between her and trusted friend. Her two old relationships-and the house which represented them-were truly a thing of the past. For the first time in years, she was free to change and grow. Now that's a strong heart in action!

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