Friday, September 20, 2013

What Do Men And Women Expect From Each Other?

If there is only one thing that you are given by excessive dating, it is an endless amount of opinions to make someone a good match on relationships and dating.
So, when we enter into the dating field that is the so-called strange wilderness, what kind of behavior is suitable and expected?
You are expected to hold your high standards. Every once in a while, in the relationship or dating game, you have to take the lead and not be content to passively sit back to await things to happen. During a disagreement, you'd better not share cave but convictions. You are expected to accept the consequences along with the rewards and own your sexuality. It is wise not to settle for mediocrity and expect a lot from men. When coupled up, you are able to continue flying solo and living a life you enjoy. You need to find your equilibrium being a feminist and feminine. In the pursuit of finding your happiness, you have to acquiesce to others and bend some traditional gender roles. If you're not fine, you don't have to say you're fine, to be honest instead. Because emotions are not bad inherently, you are expected to never apologize for being emotional.
You are expecting to initiate plans. If you say you will, you have to call, and you need to at least pay for the first date. You are required to order a bottle of wine and make a reservation. You are welcomed to show interest in what I am saying to carry the conversation. You are expected to speak about your interests passionately and speak of your mother fondly. You can have interests, like watching football or playing video games, just won't cut it anymore. You have to stand strong in your beliefs and morals, and show understanding and empathy for those different morals and beliefs. You are expected to treat your partner equal and not write off her experiences only because these experiences are not yours. You have to show affection towards the people and the things you love.
Women and Men
You have to be as honest as possible and be kind toward each other. You should rationally communicate without resorting to passive-aggression and name calling. When you're wrong, you are required to apologize, and when you mean it, say I love you. You have to always support your partner and build the one up. You can push each other and challenge each other to exceed your potential. While figuring out your identity within a couple, you need to hold your individuality. You should appreciate the good times and have tough times. You can date lots of different people and try new things, when you know it's right, commit to one. When it's worth the risk of getting hurt, you can push through the fear and be afraid.
You are expected to expect these things from the people you date, your friends, and yourself. They cannot always meet your expectations. But it's important to establish what we expect from people, so when we are disappointed, we know it. We know that we shouldn't settle. We know that we deserve more from other people and from ourselves.

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