Friday, August 16, 2013

Real Love Always Protects and Trusts

Love always protects:
Just as a mother will protect her baby from harm, love will also lead us to protecting others. When love is in our hearts protecting those who are close to us comes naturally. As husbands and fathers we are naturally very mindful of protecting our wives and children. The protection that love inspires does not merely end with our inner circle of family and close friends but also expands to anyone who might need our help. Like those subjected to or in danger of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. It's the love inside of us that sees some one hungry and feeds them. That hears of a child being abused and wants to rescue them. That sees a woman being assaulted and protects her.
Love looks out for the other guy, for the little person. It does not bully, abuse, or assault. It does not manipulate, deceive, or belittle. Love desires for everyone to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. When this desire is in our hearts, it greatly affects our interactions with each other for the better.
Love is also perceptive. If you perceive that someone's actions will lead to them getting hurt, you should warn them of the danger ahead. Just as you would warn a child to look both ways when crossing the street, we should also warn those we know who may be engaged in something that could lead to them getting hurt. Love will always warn of danger. Even though we may not be able to stop someone from proceeding on their current course, we should always caution them hoping that they will see the truth and heed our warnings.
Love always trusts;
So much of our lives are built around trust. In fact, we cannot live in this world without it. It should be no wonder that trust is a large part of love. We cannot have meaningful marriages without trust. We also cannot have friendships of any kind without trust. Even when you place your money in a bank, you are trusting it will be safe. When you get a hair cut you are trusting the skills of the barber. When you get in a plane you are trusting the skills of the pilot. When you pray you are trusting God. We cannot live our lives without trust.
Trust is an interesting thing in that it can be broken. Even with all the love and goodwill we can manifest, our trust in another person can be shattered. As much as we may love someone they may prove themselves to be untrustworthy. Now I want to make it clear that God is not saying that we are to blindly trust people, or continually trust someone who has broken faith with us, especially if they continue to do so without repenting or turning away from their actions. With that being said, what does it mean when God says "love always trusts"? Well, it seems like love always trusts in itself. What I mean is that we are to always trust in love. No matter how we may have been treated or how much someone has proven themselves untrustworthy, we are to always trust in love. Never let someone's unfaithfulness, abuse, or deception stop you from believing in and living a life of love. Please do not get this confused with taking abuse or mistreatment. Some people you may have to love with an arrest warrant, love with a divorce, or love from a distance, but no one should ever make us stop believing and trusting in love itself. The truth is, God is love. 1 John 4:8 reads "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."
Since God is love, we should always trust in love, hence we should always trust in God. Love is wonderful because it's who God is. It's a perfect description of his character. Therefore we should always trust in love and we should always trust in God. It's very unfortunate that people do not always live a life of love. This however should never make us give up on love to speak. You may have to give up on that person and let them go, but never give up on love. Men, if we are going to be better men, we should always trust in love. We should always trust in God.

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